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Innovate, Adapt, Execute!


Anyone can dream up some ideas and hope it will become reality one day. We, at Crabtree Consulting, will not only identify with your ideas dreams but will make sure to bring them to life and execute every facet of the project. We will guide and support you throughout the process by bringing in our unparalleled experience in both retail and manufacturing. Our progress-tracking models will provide and manage tasks, deadlines and accountability.


From jewelry sales rep on the road to identifying and fixing issues at the factory level, from salesperson to top executive, running volume retail chains, we have done it all. In record times, we have grown retail operations by 30% and manufacturing by 60%. We have deep knowledge in developing new departments like Custom and Bridal.


There are many moving parts to an operation, and lack of organic communication is often very detrimental. Crabtree Consulting will provide simpler and faster working methods that will enhance interdepartmental interaction and help your business become more efficient and effective.


We have developed modern and efficient management tools that take full advantage of 21st century data management science in order to allow an educated and a rapid decision-making process.


One of the most neglected aspects of our industry is training. Innovate, adapt and execute, that is our motto. Our firm is very rich in training experience, having trained over 1500 retail operations in North America and producing some of the best sales associates currently operating. Likewise, our results in training manufacturers’ sales teams are highly recognized in the market.


Being the West Coast Manager for one of the largest jewelry manufacturers nationwide I have seen firsthand the benefit of Crabtree Consulting’s services.

For close to three years now I have worked with Megan and watched her expertise in action. I referred her to and she was contracted by one of my highest revenue, multi door independent jewelry retailers in Northern California. She analyzed their needs, remerchandised their store then implemented the most effective inventory software for them. Megan’s skill level helped them increase their ROI taking them to a new level of success. Her efforts also increased my sales to that customer which is a win win for everyone!

Megan has also worked closely with my employer on several very important projects. A huge task she took on was in the creation of twenty-two new jewelry programs and their marketing materials. This has been a great success for us and has not only made selling more effective for us it has made us a far more efficient team. Another challenge she was hired to solve was in creating a concise manufacturing schedule to prevent shortages/ overages of product. The process she created has saved us a lot of time and prevented a lot of frustration for us as well as our customers.

In my 30+ years in the industry their quality of work and consistent results is unmatched. You will see they follow up and follow through like no other. I highly recommend Megan and her team at Crabtree Consulting.

Bill Sprague

West Coast Sales Manager, Gems One

With the help of Megan and Crabtree Consulting, we developed high-level reporting so management had 24/7 access to important information like the performance of our sales and marketing teams, as well as, the key components within our data and inventory. She has proven to be a valuable member of the team, on top of ongoing tasks and aware of everything going on in over 5 departments. It’s why I trust her to have conversations with any of my retail clients. Whether it’s creative direction or creating a simple and easy way for the buyer to say yes, she understands how to move them to action. I can honestly say that the Rare & Forever brand would not be where it is today without Megan and Crabtree Consulting.

Andrew L. Rickard

VP of Operations, RDI Diamonds, Inc.

I have always found Megan to be personable, accessible, direct, globally resourceful, thoughtful, a great listener, and a very hands-on partner.

Rordan Shane

President and CEO, Shane Co

Megan’s performance was superb, not just exceeding my expectations, but equaling the very best performance levels of other store managers with whom I’ve worked in the past four decades. She has helped us at Gems One to formulate a more effective approach in selling to and supporting our customers, and has taught the sales team critical elements of retail merchandising theory so as to allow them to increase their own consulting effectiveness. Megan’s knowledge, focus, and diligence has helped us in the successful implementation of a number of important initiatives, and we have been glad to have her work as part of our team.

George Prout

Chief Marketing Officer, Gems One

What Sets Us Apart


Generated an increase of 150% in sales, doubling the total number of units sold in less than 2 years as Project Manager for 1500 skus

Orchestrated a 5,000 square foot retailer build-out project, overseeing logistics like revising floor plans to optimize showcase and merchandising layouts, as well as, arranging the design and fabrication of custom product displays


Spearheaded a 35-location retailer initiative to develop a robust B2B wholesale sector by curating a selection of products and collections from an expansive inventory of product

Collaborated with one of the most prominent diamond wholesalers to launch the first AI-graded diamond brand to be certified by the world’s leading producer and distributor of diamonds


Coordinated the entire conception-to-implementation process across multiple divisions for a band program resulting in 1500+ units sold & $1M+ sold at cost in year 1

Orchestrated a 6-month bridal division rehabilitation for a $15M+ retailer by analyzing current inventory to develop programs for best-sellers generating high turn-over rates, streamline buying guidelines per supplier based on past sales history, introducing new suppliers, and returning $200k+ in aged merchandise


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Megan’s go-getter attitude and consistent delivery of results is why we loved her as a customer when she was the Buyer at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers and chose her as a consultant for Ofer Mizrahi. One of the biggest hurdles when hiring a consultant is being able to trust the person/team you hire, but that is nonexistent with Megan because there is peace of mind knowing that Megan has the first-hand experience of working hand-on in multiple capacities for some of the industry’s most noteworthy operations. This is a level of service other consultants simply cannot provide and why the decision to choose Crabtree Consulting is easy.

Ben Redansky

CEO, OM Jewelry

Megan is an outstanding retail leader & innovator. Megan’s energy, focus, and moxy not only result in sales, but record breaking sales! Perhaps Megan’s greatest asset is that she listens very very well, and connects consumers to the retailer she is working with efficiently and effectively in an incredibly enjoyable, fun, and memorable experience.

Eric Sigg

Sales Trainer/Sales Manager, Fana

Megan is a true professional, strategic thinker, and executer. She is an incredible leader that works exceptionally well with motivating her Retail Sales teams. Complete command and understanding of how the C/X consumer experience is the most important factor. However, Retail is forever evolving and changing; Megan is always ahead of the curve, innovating, and implementing for success. I am grateful to have worked with her and been part of seeing the magic happen.

Stephen Alexander

Founder & CEO, One World Consultant, Past Vice President of Sales, Tacori